Life in the University: Past, Present and Future – Faculty of Education Event Series in Recognition of Canada 150

January 1, 2017 @ 9:00 am – October 1, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Lead Project: Sue Winton

With “Life in the University: Past, Present and Future” as an organizing theme, we are planning a series of events in recognition of Canada 150. The events address the Government of Canada’s overarching Canada 150 theme of “Strong, Proud and Free” (Government of Canada, 2016) by recognizing the strengths and contributions of Canada’s universities. For example, Canadian universities are significant drivers of our country’s economic prosperity and account for 40% of Canada’s research and development (Universities Canada, n.d.). At the same time, the series recognizes challenges, past and present, faced by people inside and outside of the university, including issues of access, debates over purposes of higher education, and changing work conditions. All the events will include time to discuss and imagine the future of the Canadian university.